Tuesday, November 28, 2006


I’d like to invite all Cortes Island booklovers to join me this Friday night at Trude’s Cafe for an informal book-reading-and-brochure-folding party to help support the Whaletown Commons Project.

The idea for the evening came from a documentary film I saw about a Cuban cigar factory, which hired a reader to entertain the workers while they rolled cigars. The reader, a darkly handsome and dramatic young man, read from what appeared to be a very racy and exciting pulp fiction novel. The workers, mostly female, seemed transfixed.

Now, I’m not making any promises, but I love reading aloud, my novel “All Over Creation” does have some racy and exciting bits (and not just about pollinating potatoes and promiscuous squashes), and the Whaletown Commons Project has 500 brochures that need folding. So if you have a couple of hours free on Friday night, please come lend your ears and your hands!

“All Over Creation” is the story of a small town farmer, defending his seeds and staking his claim against the encroaching interests of a large multi-national biotech corporation. He gets some unexpected help from the Seeds of Resistance, a roving band of environmental activists, who are traveling across America in a biodiesel powered Winnebago, called the Spudnik.

The party starts at 7:00, on Friday, December 1, at Trude’s Café. Come be entertained and help support the Whaletown Commons Project and the Cortes Self-Sufficiency Coop.


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