Friday, July 14, 2006

Regional District Passes Motion:

Good news everyone! Jenny Hiebert took the following resolution to the Regional District’s Community Services Committee. They brought it before the RD Board the Board passed it!!!

WHEREAS Manson’s Landing having the greatest population in Area I (Cortes) has 3 provincial and 3 regional district parks; and

WHEREAS Whaletown having the second greatest population in Area I (Cortes) has no provincial or regional district parks;

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Area I (Cortes) Park Acquisition Reserve Fund be designated for the purchase of a park in the Whaletown area;

AND FURTHER THAT a significant portion from the 2006 and each year thereafter be set aside from Area I's (Cortes) Park Budget and accumulated for the purchase of a park in the Whaletown area

The RD’s commitment is a forward step for the Whaletown Commons Project. It offers us the hope of acquiring the Whaletown Creek property for a combination park and public assembly space to complement other organi-zations developing community space in Whaletown. Let’s all work toward fulfilling this vision.
Thank you for your support Jenny!


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