Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Photo Walk

The second event in the “Imagine the Commons” series will be a photo walk, led by Richard Trueman through the proposed site of the Whaletown Commons. The walk will start at 1:00 on Saturday, November 4 (Rain date: Sunday, November 5). This is a great opportunity to hone your photography skills with a master teacher, while becoming acquainted with a truly beautiful piece of land in Whaletown.

Richard Trueman is the co-creator of cortesisland.com, and he has long been documenting the beauty of our island and sharing his vision with others. He has studied, practiced and taught graphic arts and photography since the 1970’s and the predigital days of film, darkrooms and chemical processing. He was an early adopter of digital image technology in the 1990’s, when he and Irene Blueth started experimenting with first generation digital cameras. Since that time, Richard has been on the cutting edge of the field, specializing in photography for the web.

The Whaletown Creek (historically known as Burnside Creek) and the adjacent ravine is a spectacular landscape of towering big leaf maples, colorful mushrooms, and verdant mosses. It is unique on Cortes Island and guaranteed to inspire your shutter lust.

This walk is part of a series, “Imagine the Commons,” sponsored by the Whaletown Commons Project. The project is a volunteer-driven community effort, dedicated to purchasing this 71-acre of land in Whaletown for the Cortes Island community.

Each walk has a focus: on an image-making medium (like photography, poetry, drawing and mapping); or on data collection (bird counts, ecological surveys). Participants are invited to contribute to an on-line Virtual Commons gallery and to the Whaletown Commons Project’s on-going fundraising, outreach and archiving efforts.

The successful creation of the Whaletown Commons will rely on the collective imagination of the Cortes Island community. The walks are an invitation to appreciate this unique piece of land and to make an imaginative investment in its future. Every person will experience the Commons differently, and from this diversity we hope to build a common vision of our community’s future.

MEET: at the entrance to the proposed Whaletown Commons site, on Whaletown Road, next to the Firehall.

WHEN: on Saturday, November 4 (Rain date: Sunday, November 5) at 1:00

BRING: A camera if you have one (if not, there will be one or two extras available to borrow). Digital or film cameras are fine.

QUESTIONS: Please email Richard at rctrue@telus.net, or call 935-0120


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