Monday, September 30, 2013

Gorge-ous Event

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Gorge-ous Event
Lovena and Ryan
Everyone was a winner at the Gorge-ous Bike Ride! The age range of riders stretched from 3 to 65 and all who participated had smiles on their faces. We rode a combined total of 638km with 54 riders! 
Thank you to ever rider who participated, your spirit and energy was inspiring.
Your entry fees raised $1600 in donations for the Children’s Forest Trust and the Whaletown Commons Society. 
A huge thank-you to our sponsors: Gorge Harbour Marina Resort, SRD and Noba, CCCU, Hollyhock, Gathering Place, Naked Cycles (Quadra) and Island Timberlands for allowing use of the forest lands.

Bouquets of community roses to land owners: David Hughes, John Drew, and Ruth & Oliver who so kindly allowed us to pass through their lands!

Big thanks to the SCCA who secured event insurance for us, to the Whaletown Commons Society for organizational support and the RCMP who directed traffic on the roads.

We’d like to extend huge appreciation to the 20 plus volunteers who made the 2nd Annual Gorge-ous Bike Ride possible!

Thank you to course marshals: Lamme, Marc B, Alma, Deva, Ruth, Christine, Andrew, Richard, Conrad, Steve R, Kai, Kiera, Claire, Tiffany, Cheryl, Shannon, Matthew, Isabelle and Anthony.

Special thanks to Tamara and Silvia for set up and registration handling, Amber for being first aid on bike and course “sweeper”, Liz as Ambulance attendant, Miyako and Hayley for food preparation and set up, Rob, Chris and Craig for BBQing and Andrew from Dandy Horse for race prizes.

Thank you to Ester for taking photos and race support, to Kevin and Chelsea for their kindness and Bill and Tammy for being so easy to deal with!

Big thanks to Alex Bernier, our first volunteer, who has stood with us and helped make this event fly from first idea to fruition!

Last but definitely not least, big appreciation to Back Eddy and Mike D for a stellar performance and dance night!

Looks like there is going to be a 3rd Annual Gorge-ous Bike Ride. Feel free to email us with your suggestions or comments and let us know if you would like to help! We hope to see you riding (or running or walking) the amazing network of Cortes Forest Trails.

For more photos, please click here


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