Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Whaletown Commons Bio-Blitz!!

Whaletown Commons, Cortes Island
August 18 & 19, 2012

… an opportunity to learn about biodiversity!!!!

The Whaletown Commons, close to the heart of many a Cortes Islander, is destined to be Cortes Island’s next Regional District Park. The Cortes community, through the Strathcona Regional District, has an offer on the table to purchase these local forest lands from present owner, Island Timberlands.

The Whaletown Commons land base is biologically rich and to celebrate the biodiversity of the Commons, we are hosting the first ever BioBlitz!

A BioBlitz is an intense period of biological surveying which records the diversity of living species in a designated area.

We are inviting biologists, who specialize in the identification of various fauna & flora, to join our local team of biologists & naturalists in an intense 24 hour time frame starting at 1200 noon on Saturday, August 18 and running through to 1200 noon on Sunday, August 19.

We are inviting the community of Cortes to join us as participants: accompanying the biologists on their field work, manning Commons Central where the tally of species will be building and joining in the general festivities!! Come one, come all and celebrate this place we hold so dear to our hearts… the Whaletown Commons.

The Whaletown Commons BioBlitz is sponsored by, On the Ground, the mapping & inventory ally of the Wildstands Forest Alliance.
If you would like to be involved as a professional biologist/ naturalist, or you could billet a visiting biologist, or you would like to volunteer at this event… please contact Sabina at 250 935 6467.


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